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Puppy Inoculations 101


-Intra Trac III 2 series of kennel coughs.

-DA2P & CPV canine distemper, adenovirus type 2, parainfluenza, parvo modified live, corona killed virus.

-Galaxy DA2PPvL (7-way) canine distemper, adenovirus type 2, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvo modified live, lepto killed vaccine. If the puppy is here for a few weeks the puppy will receive Galaxy DA2PPV.

-NeoPar modified live virus vaccine for use against canine parvovirus.

-Dewormings: Pyrantel 3 doses, Panacure, Droncit, Marquis, Panacur (5 days), and Fenbendazole (5 days).

We keep up with all inoculations while the puppie is in our care so depending on the age of the puppy when it goes home, more inoculations may have to be administered.

Puppies need 6 - 7 series of vaccinations in their first year to be fully immunized.  It is recommended that they have: 2 kennel cough inoculations, 3 distemper shots with a combination leptospirosis and a parvovirus inoculation.  Some vets also require 2 series of lyme tick shots.  Dewormings are also recommended to prevent parasites.  We also recommend that you have your puppy microchipped for lost prevention.  Our puppies have already been microchipped.

You need to find out what series of inoculations have been given before you purchase the puppy.  Many puppies 8 or 9 weeks old from a breeder/kennel only have their first series of shots and one deworming.  Puppies 8 - 10 weeks old require multiple visits to the veterinarian because inoculations can only be given in 2 to 4 weeks intervals until they are 12- 16 weeks old.  If you have to pay for these additional visits it will cost roughly $600 or more depending on your veterinarian.  (The average cost for an office visit + inoculation + dewormings = roughly $100 to $125).