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Home FAQs Do you carry English Bulldogs?
Do you carry English Bulldogs? Print E-mail
Do you carry English Bulldogs?

Yes, BUT we don't get them often (even though we love them!) because of the following reasons:

1. They tend to have a lot of health problems and even though it's one of the few breeds that the state exempts us from having to warranty, we choose to do it anyway.  Unlike other pet stores, we stand by our product/pets.

2. We want them to be extensively tested beforehand but  unfortunately this adds  to an already VERY EXPENSIVE breed (usually $2500 and up) and puts them out of a lot of customers' price range.

3. It would be great if everyone getting a bulldog knew about the health problems they are prone to but this, unfortunately, is not the case which puts us in an even riskier position with regard to warrantying them.  We try our best to educate our customers but sometimes that is not enough.

If a customer is very interested in getting one we will, however, work with them.  If you are interested in getting a bulldog you might consider a French Bulldog for they have half the health problems.  Of course they look a little different. We have this breed far more frequently.