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7 Tips that could Save your Dog's Life Print E-mail

7 Tips that could Save you Dog's Life

1. Pet-Proof Your Home .

Prevent common accidents in your home by pet-proofing! Check your home for possible poisons, toxins and plants that your pet can get in to. Common dangers include antifreeze, rat or mouse bait, slug bait, medications, drugs, electrical cords, paper shredders, and insecticides. Remove access to children's toys, strings or small objects that can be chewed on or swallowed.

2. Check Collars.

Check your pet's neck at least weekly to make sure the collar is not too loose or too tight ... and that it's still there.

3. Make Sure Your Pet Is Identified .

Pets can lose their collar and in many case their "identification" along with it. Tags can fall off. Consider having a microchip placed for permanent identification. A tag is very important if your dog is hit or runs away. It is the best and fastest way to get you in touch with your pet in the case of an emergenc

4. Keep Dogs Supervised.

The safest approach for allowing your dog out is by taking him on a leash! This way you can not only monitor what they are getting into but also watch their urine and bowel movements for abnormalities. The next safest thing for dogs is a fenced-in yard. Monitor the yard and fence frequently for problems such as loose boards, open trash and other dangers. Keep pets inside in extreme cold or hot temperatures.

5.  Don't Let your Dog Ride in an Open Truck Bed .

Dogs that are allowed to ride in open bed pick up trucks are the frequent victims of trauma. Sudden starts, stops, and turns can toss your pet onto the highway where it can get hit by oncoming traffic.

6.  Keep Head and Paws Inside.

Dogs love to stick their heads out open windows however the wind, insects and debris in the air can hit your pet. Many pets are taken to emergency hospitals after something hits their eyes or face.

7.  Know What to Do and Who to Call .

Find out if your veterinarian does emergency work after hours or where your closest emergency hospital is located. Know the numbers and directions just in case you need it. Call anytime you have a pet concern!